Is it wrong to buy Periscope Followers?

News 11:02 February 2024:

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Buying likes and followers on social media has become a trend these days. It is also common to see periscope users buying hearts and followers as well; mostly because they want more exposure or simply because they want to feel popular. But in any case, everyone wants to be popular on any social media site, and if it doesn’t bother you to have many fake periscope followers, it is okay to spend a couple of dollars for some followers. The only problem you should know however is that bought followers can never be interacted with. They are simply bought to make other users see your most liked broadcasts and probably listen to them as well.

Buying periscope followers can also bring you a lot of trouble with your genuine followers. You may lose credibility once they realize that some of your other followers are illegitimate. Again, by buying followers you might not get any additional input in terms of acquiring more genuine followers. But as always, most people have genuine reasons for buying followers, which is why you shouldn’t try and purchase periscope followers unless you have a reason for doing it.