How to lay down a proper strategy on Twitter

News 06:04 April 2024:

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What kind of Twitter user are you? Remember this is a social media platform and for you to increase your Twitter likes, you must socialize with others on the same platform. Don’t sit there and do nothing hoping that your likes will increase.  Too bad they won’t increase.  The secret is learning to engage.  If you are in a particular industry, engage with people on the same platform.

For you to engage with search people, you must make a search.  Twitter makes it easier for all its users to make searches.  Never just sit there and wait, I tell you believe you me you will wait forever.  Simply hit the search button on the dashboard and see how you can make a difference with a large number of people in your industry.

Once you have found your target group, be proactive.  Engage them in topics that are of interest and before you realise you will be amazed at the large number of Twitter likes you will receive.  It will amaze you.   Never underestimate the value of engaging others on the platform.