Twitter Polls and Managed Reactions for Businesses

News 07:04 April 2024:

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For any business, damage control is a very important thing. It is very important that you always be on top of things. Anything could happen and remember that people never tire of spreading bad publicity. The only way to ensure that bad publicity does not tank your business is by making sure that the publicity works for you instead of against you. The only way you can be able to ensure that it does work for you is by knowing the reaction of the general public to the publicity.

It is not possible for you to go out in the public and start speaking to one individual after another trying to get a general reaction of the population to your bad publicity. However, this is feedback that you really need as you have to ensure that your company does not go down. O then, what I the best route for you to follow? Twitter polls have to become your best friend at this particular point. Remember twitter allows you to have one on one engagement with your customers and it is time that you take advantage of this engagement. Launch a poll to get the general reaction of your customer base then use the information that you get there to get the publicity working for you.